Artifact 1: “The Giver” Resource File

“The Giver” Book Resource File

I believe that this artifact shows one of my best works of art because I put in a lot of work and ideas involving the text “The Giver. This is a very commonly used work of literature and common in middle school. Being that my specialty is Middle School grades 5-8 in Art Communication and Literature I find this work will be very helpful for me once I start my teaching career. One important part about teaching English is teaching children different literary elements. Such as conflict, point of view, foreshadowing, characterization, and more. In this book resource file I touch up on some of the important elements and how I could teach them to 5th grade students. Conflict being a big one: Character vs. Society. This novel truly shows the importance of  being able to have the freedom of choice and what kind of effect life would be like if everything was the same. This is a good lesson to learn for this age group because these students are at the point in their lives where they are starting to gain their own identity as a person and deciding what choices they want to make. This book is consist of good moral lessons.

I also believe this shows one of my best works because it shows that I can create different forms of assessment. My classroom assignment consists of a group of questions where the students answer, “agree” or “disagree.” A couple examples would be, “Sometimes it’s OK to lie” or “Memories play an important part in your life and who you are.” Then they are to get into groups where they discuss whether they agreed or disagreed or why. This is a great warm up assignment because it gets the students thinking about important moral questions, working together in groups, and allows them to have the right mindset before they start reading the book. This includes the Language Arts standards for Grade 5 in I. Reading and Literature: C.)  Comprehension and III. Speaking, Viewing, and Listening: A) Speaking and Listening. My essay assignment also allows students to work their creative side by being able to create their own ending to the book. One of the “negatives” that people find to “the giver” is how the book ends abruptly, so I allow the students to rewrite it in the way they would have wanted the book to end. I also show my ability to create an assignment in a testing format by giving the students true/false, multiple choice, and essay questions showing their understanding of important parts to the book.

This Artifact follows the Minnesota Standards of Effective Practice 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8. Standard 1 is shown by my ability to show a higher understanding of literary elements for the Giver dealing with conflict, characterization, and Point of View. Standard 2 for student learning is shown through the use of group work where the students discuss their own personal moral understandings in relation to the text. Standard 4 is shown by my instructional strategies for trying to incorporate different learning styles with individual work, group work, vocal discussion, writing abilities, and testing. Standard 6 is shown by the ability for the students to communicate during the classroom activity for agreeing or disagreeing with moral questioning. Standard 7 is shown by my use of knowledge on the book and how to relate to the students lives and following curriculum standard for 5th grade language arts. Standard 8 is shown by my development of a rubric, essay exam, and ability to create a test to show the students understanding of “The Giver.”

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